2021 Excellence in Student Leadership Scholarship Application

The Friends of the Commonwealth Campuses Alumni Interest Group is a group of former student leaders who have organized for the purpose of bettering the Penn State Campuses.

The Excellence in Student Leadership Scholarship recognizes current Commonwealth Student Leaders for their commitment to the University.  The purpose of this scholarship is to reward students who have worked to better one or more of the nineteen Penn State Commonwealth Campuses and its surrounding community through:

Scholarship applications are due by September 15. All applicants will be contacted by October 1. The scholarship amount is a one-time award of $500.

Applicant Qualifications*:

*By completing and submitting your electronic application, you expressly consent that the administrators of the Excellence in Student Leadership Scholarship may verify my current GPA and number of credits earned with The Pennsylvania State University.

Application Questions:

Submission Checklist:

* A screen capture or text document of your “Academic Summary” from eLion will satisfy this requirement.

The scholarship window has closed for this year. Thank you for your interest.